PulleyPro™️ Home Cable Pulley System

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What Is Included?
1x Tricep Strap
1x Metal Pulley
1x Weight Loading Strap 
1x Cable (70 Inches/ 1.8 meters Length)
1x Cable Strap Attachment 
3x Carabiner 

Attachments such as ropes and handles are not included. They are sold separately.
Can Pulleypro™️ Be Set Up As A Low Pulley System?
Yes. However, you need to purchase two PulleyPro™️ systems in order to achieve this low pulley set up. This is ideal if you wish to perform exercises such as seated rows, bicep curls, upright rows, kickbacks, etc.
If you wish to only have a high pulley set up then one PulleyPro™️ is sufficient.
Do I Need A Squat Rack To Use PulleyPro™️?
Absolutely not! Our customers use doorway pull up bars, garage ceiling beams, Park Pull up bars, etc.
Do I Need Olympic Weights To Use PulleyPro™️?
No! Both olympic and standard sized plates can be used with PulleyPro™️. You can also use kettlebells, dumbbells and even backpacks as weight by using the weight loading strap included. 
Can I Purchase Attachments For PulleyPro™️?
Yes. After your purchase you are automatically greeted with a page where you can purchase a variety of attachments at a special discount.
Note: PulleyPro™️ is compatible with all kinds of attachments that can be purchased from third party providers.
What Is The Maximum Loading Capacity?
You can load PulleyPro™️ up to 200Ibs per system. If you purchase 2 systems you can double the capacity to 400Ibs. 
How Long Does Shipping Take During Covid-19?
Shipping/ Delivery times are between 4-7 days. Orders placed before 12PM are shipped same day. 
We have taken great measures to provide you with premium shipping times, that way you can have the best experience possible. 
Where Is PulleyPro™️ Shipped From?
PulleyPro™️ is shipped from Grapevine Texas USA.
I Need Further Help!
If you need further assistance or seeking answers to questions we have not covered, feel free to email our support team at Support@shoppulleypro.com and one of our staff members will assist you within 24-48 hours.
Alternatively you can call us on 1 888 348 9682.